What Would a Sustainable Society Look Like?

Joseph Mellor
34 min readApr 1, 2022

You’ll gain a lot more than you’ll lose, even without considering the negative effects of climate change.

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Few, if any, specific plans have been drafted about what a sustainable future look like. At best, we have vague ideas that we should switch over to renewables and recycle and maybe take a bus if they exist in your city. While many people have come up with specific ways to make parts of society more sustainable, I want to provide a big picture for what it looks like and give you as many resources as possible so you can make an informed decision. As long as this article is, it’s still only a summary of the ideas, so I recommend you check out any of the linked resources that inter. Also, this is a long article, which means it’s going to get shredded by the algorithm (look how they massacred my boy), so please share if you found it interesting.

Quick Note

I’ll be back to publishing new articles in my two series The Road to Quantum Mechanics and How to Discover Finite Fields While Bored in Class after this article. I just had the idea for this article and couldn’t get it out of my mind.

You Will Gain Far More Than You’ll Lose

The methods used to fight climate change will improve your life in many ways (unless you’re a coal baron). In fact, your life will be improved in so many ways that most of the reasons I give for the sustainable society won’t even be about climate change. And even if there’s something in this article you can’t or don’t want to change, there’s a good chance you personally don’t need to change because others can do the changing for you. For example, I live far enough away from a big city to the point where I couldn’t use public transport even if my city set it up. I’m not going to advocate that I be forced to use public transport when I clearly can’t. All I’m asking is that you consider what changes you can make and give others the freedom to choose these things.

Bad Criticisms

There are a lot of good criticisms you can make of the society I propose. It will go too far in some areas and not far enough in others. Certain suggestions I make will be feasible only for some regions and not others. As a rule of thumb, if you can come up with a…



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